Alexander Medina

Web Developer


Software Developer with hands-on experience building websites leveraging open source technologies (MERN stack) along with professional experience in the healthcare field and a bachelor's from USF. Seeking opportunities in the Tampa bay area or remote. Willing to relocate.


SpaceX Info

Responsive website where users can learn about the vehicles used by spaceX. They can learn, and watch videos from each of their launches. Filter launches by launch site, vehicle, and outcome.


Todo List

Users can register an account where they can add, update, delete, or mark todos as completed. Dyanmic theme support. Login state and theme choice are kept in local storage.


Face Recognition

Users can upload an image which is returned tagging any faces with a square around them, if none are found a message telling so to the users is displayed.



Covid-19 tracker made with react, and material design. Displays current global trajectory on a line graphs, and specific countries information is shown on a bar graph.

Covid-19 project

Country Search

Display information about every country on main page, and clicking on each country leads user to learn more about. Supports dark theme


IP Tracker

Tells user their current IP address, and displays the user's location on a map.


Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro timer where users are able to customize how long the pomodorote, short break and long break times are. Users can change the fonts and color scheme of the timer as well


Movies/TV show search

Search a movie or TV show by title and it returns list matching search query. Clicking on the wanted item takes the user to a page where more information is available.



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